Best Silent Mechanical Keyboard Switch

What is The Silent Mechanical Switch?

Silent mechanical switches are a type of mechanical keyboard switch that is designed to reduce the noise level produced when typing. These switches use special materials and mechanisms to reduce the sound of the switch being activated when a key is pressed, making them quieter than traditional mechanical switches.

Silent mechanical switches are typically used in environments where noise is a concern, such as shared workspaces or homes where others are sensitive to loud typing sounds. These switches can also be a good choice for people who prefer a quieter typing experience or those who may find the sound of traditional mechanical switches distracting.

What is the Mechanical Switch ?

A mechanical switch is a type of switch used in mechanical keyboards. Each key on a mechanical keyboard contains an individual switch that allows for a tactile and audible response when a key is pressed. Unlike membrane keyboards, which use a single rubber dome sheet to register keystrokes, mechanical keyboards use individual switches for each key that offer a more satisfying and responsive typing experience. mechannical switch mostly 3 type Linear,Clicky and tactile.

Components of the Silent Mechanical Switches

Steel Series

You’ll Need Some Perfectly Working Components to Build A Mechanical Switch. If they are working perfectly, silent mechanical switches must need these components.

The exact components of silent mechanical switches can vary depending on the specific type and brand of switch, but there are some common components that are often found in these switches.

Make the best silent mechanical switch possible by using the following five components: stem, spring, dampeners, metal contacts, and housing. 


This is the part of the switch that is pushed down when a key is pressed. The stem moves up and down in the switch housing, triggering the switch mechanism to send a signal to the computer.


 The spring is a small metal component that provides resistance when the stem is pushed down. The amount of force required to press the stem depends on the stiffness of the spring.


 Many silent mechanical switches include rubber or silicone dampeners that help absorb the sound of the switch being activated. These dampeners are usually located inside the switch housing or on the stem.

Metal contacts

The switch mechanism includes two metal contacts that are pushed together when the stem is pressed down. This completes the electrical circuit and sends a signal to the computer that a key has been pressed.


The switch housing is the outer casing that encloses the internal components of the switch. The housing helps to keep the switch components in place and provides a stable base for the stem to move up and down.

Silent Mechanical Uses Cases 

silent mechanical switch You can use your own style. Many people prefer to use the Silent Switch on her keyboard. They are not making loud noises. It’s for your use. People working in shared spaces,Gamers,Late-night typists,People with sensitive hearing Are Use This Switch

Silent mechanical switches can be beneficial for a variety of people and environments. Here are a few examples:

People working in shared spaces:

If you work in an open office or shared workspace, a loud mechanical keyboard can be disruptive to your colleagues. Using a keyboard with silent switches can help minimize noise and make the work environment more pleasant for everyone.


Gamers often spend long hours playing games and typing on their keyboards. A loud keyboard can be distracting and may even interfere with in-game communication. A silent mechanical keyboard can provide a quieter, more immersive gaming experience.

Late-night typists:

If you’re someone who likes to work or type late at night when others are sleeping, a loud keyboard can be a problem. A silent mechanical keyboard can help you work without disturbing others in the same room or house.

People with sensitive hearing:

Some people are more sensitive to noise than others and may find the sound of traditional mechanical switches distracting or even painful. Silent mechanical switches can provide a quieter typing experience for these individuals.

Which Company Is Making These Silent Mechanical Switches?

 Many companies make silent mechanical switches. Here are the top five reputable manufacturers of high-quality silent mechanical switches.

There are several brands that produce silent mechanical switches, including Cherry MX, Gateron, ZealPC, Kailh, and NovelKeys. Each brand offers different types of silent switches, which can vary in terms of actuation force, travel distance, and other characteristics.

Cherry MX: 

Cherry is a well-known brand in the mechanical keyboard industry and offers several types of silent switches, including the Cherry MX Silent Red and the Cherry MX Silent Black.


Gateron is another popular brand that produces silent mechanical switches. Their silent switches include Gateron Silent Red, Gateron Silent Black, and Gateron Silent Brown.


Kailh is a Chinese switch manufacturer that offers a range of silent mechanical switches, including the Kailh Silent Red, Kailh Silent Black, and Kailh Silent Brown.


 ZealPC is a boutique switch manufacturer that offers silent switches with a unique sound signature. Their silent switches include the ZealPC Healios and the ZealPC Zilents.


NovelKeys is another boutique switch manufacturer that produces silent switches, including the NovelKeys Cream Silent and the NovelKeys Silk Silent.

You can buy This Company Key or a switch to make your keyboard experience silent. To make these changes, you can also make your keyboard silent. 

How to make any keyboard Your Silent 

There are several ways to make a keyboard more silent. Here are a few methods you can try:

Use a silicone keyboard cover:

Silent Mechanical Switch

 A silicone keyboard cover is a thin layer of silicone that fits over your keyboard. It can help dampen the sound of typing by softening the impact of your fingers on the keys. Silicone covers are available for many keyboard models and are relatively inexpensive.

Use a mechanical keyboard with silent switches:

Silent Mechanical Switch

 Mechanical keyboards are known for their loud clicking sounds, but some models feature silent switches that produce much less noise. Cherry MX Silent Red, Cherry MX Silent Black, and Logitech’s Romer-G Tactile and Linear switches are some examples of silent mechanical switches.

Add o-rings to your keyboard

Silent Mechanical Switch

You can add small rubber rings, known as O-rings, to the stem of a mechanical keyboard switch to reduce the distance that the key travels when pressed. This can help to reduce the sound of the key bottoming out. O-rings are available in various thicknesses and can be purchased online or at electronics stores.

Use a rubber dome keyboard:

Silent Mechanical Switch

 Rubber-dome keyboards are the most common type of keyboard and are generally less expensive than mechanical keyboards. They are also quieter than mechanical keyboards because they use rubber domes instead of mechanical switches to register key presses.

Type more softly:

thegadgetflow | Silent Mechanical Switch

Finally, one of the simplest ways to make your keyboard quieter is to type more softly. If you type with less force, your keystrokes will be quieter and less likely to disturb others around you.

Why you are use Silent Mechanical Switch?

Silent mechanical switches offer the tactile feedback and durability of a mechanical keyboard without the loud clicking sound. They are a good option for those who want a quieter typing experience in shared workspaces while still enjoying the benefits of a mechanical keyboard.

FAQ For silent mechanical Switch 

Can a mechanical keyboard be silent?

Yes, a mechanical keyboard can be made silent by using switches that are specifically designed to produce less noise, such as silent mechanical switches. Other methods to reduce noise include using a silicone keyboard cover, adding o-rings to the switches, or simply typing more softly.

Are silent switches good?

Silent switches can be good if you value a quieter typing experience, but whether they are good for you depends on your personal preferences and needs. They provide but may not feel the same as non-silent switches.

What types of switches are silent?

Manufacturers can make several types of switches silent, including some mechanical switches such as Cherry MX Silent Red, Cherry MX Silent Black, and Topre Silent Reinforce switches. Additionally, some membrane or scissor switch keyboards may be inherently silent due to the materials used in their construction.

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